How can I get involved?

You do not need to register to browse or search the website. However, if you want to add a story or set up a webpage you will need to register on the site and receive a logon.

If you choose to get more involved in the Community Heritage website, you can:

  • Register yourself or group
  • Upload a profile on yourself or group and relevant activities
  • Enter your stories about a place, person or historic or upcoming event
  • Make announcements about upcoming heritage events or happenings
  • Provide a comment or add an anecdote about something someone else has added.

You can upload stories on the places that are special to all Australians or you can share something you consider to be important to your community or local area that is not recognised on an existing heritage list.

For example, you could enter information on the Opera House or Uluru or enter a place in your local area where people have gone for picnics for generations or that building or streetscape of well preserved heritage character in your neighbourhood.

You could tell the story of Dame Nellie Melba or Ned Kelly or you could tell the story of a local figure whose antics or actions shaped the character for betterment of your community.

What if I don’t agree with what someone’s written on the website?

If you read information about a place, person or historic event and believe something to be incorrect, you can post a comment below that article. Please read the terms and conditions and be respectful in your comments. The website manager may seek to make contact with the author of the information to verify its accuracy.

Alternatively you could develop your own entry for that place, person or event. We would recommend this only if you have a different story to tell, rather than questioning just one aspect of an article.

How can I contact someone outside of the site?

We do not recommend you divulge personal information via your posts on the website. If you would like to contact someone about what they’ve written for research purposes you can send an email via a secure form and ask them to contact you.

If you would like to contact the website manager, go to ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of the screen.

For more information, go to About the Site, or register to start contributing now!


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