Want to find out more about places, events and people that have shaped your local area?  Want to see what’s important to other communities?  Read stories from the past and contribute your own story or add an anecdote of what you remember or know – Join in!

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This free website is for everyone who’s interested in the places, stories and characters that have made Australia what it is today, whether they be celebrations or heartaches, bushrangers or a local shopkeeper, or a place of natural beauty or great importance to society.

Every Australian community has a story to tell which is important to our shared heritage. So explore it, share it, live it and record it!

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Shrine visit draws anger

1 day 15 hours ago

A Japanese minister's visit to the controversial Yasukuni war shrine has been condemned by Beijing and Seoul. .. [ Read More ]

Perth church designed by Talbot Hobbs celebrates 125 years

2 days 20 min ago

St Alban’s church in Highgate was only the fifth Anglican church to be built in Perth, and was an early design by renowned architect and soldier,..... [ Read More ]

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